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Post-Valentine’s Day Blind Tasting

Friday, February 15th7:00- 8:30 PM

How good is your palate? Think you’re an expert wine taster?

Come test your taste buds and knowledge of wine at our blind wine tasting.
Learn to identify basic components of wine (aromas, flavors, acid, tannin, etc.) and increase your enjoyment of wine in general.

Brought to you buy Sher Bliss Wine & Chocolate and

Chris Hutchison,Portfolio Manager for Vanguard, Certified Specialist of Wine.

Syllabus and Scoring…

Everyone has a score card:

White or red? Each correct earns 1 pt
Varietal correct, 3pts
Bonuses for correctly identifying aroma/flavors.
Chocolate prizes for the winners!

Just $15 per person and it’s fun and educational!


Upcoming Tastings and Events at Sher Bliss

This month and into December, Sher Bliss will showcase some very exciting events here in the shop. To start off, we will be participating in “Small Business Saturday” which is dedicated to celebrating and supporting small businesses like us and  giving us the opportunity to show you just what we do for our community. We will continue this month and on into the next with our C.H.E.R. event, as well as a tasty wine and chocolate event. Join us!
November 24th
All Day
“Small Business Saturday” Treats to Welcome You into Sher Bliss
With this tasting you will get to choose from either eight 1 oz. glasses or four 2 oz. glasses, which are paired with our premium Belgian chocolate. Sampling of ports from $2 per sample. It’s just what you need before the hustle and bustle of the holidays are here. Free gift wrap and consultation for corporate gifts also included.
November 30th
7-8:30pm $30 per person
C.H.E.R. Tasting
That’s California’s High End Reds! This label buster tasting offers some of the best  California (and Oregon) has to offer. These are very small-production, beyond boutique and bordering on cult wines. As most are huge wines, the flavors in the food pairings worked with the wines, but I see these as “enjoy by the fire reds”
December 7th
8-9:30pm, $25 per person
Wine and Chocolate Event
We have pulled out all of the stops on this one! Chocolate and wine paired to the Zonin portfolio, with the importer as the host. We have sampled reds and whites and have come up with truly delightful combinations for you and your sweetheart to enjoy. Choose four wines that are paired with artisan confections and cheeses, some wines presented in a chocolate-rimmed wine glass.

Pelotonia and Sher Bliss Team Up for a Good Cause!

In an effort to support the Pelotonia efforts, Sher-Bliss is collaborating in two different ways to raise money and awareness. The goal, to end cancer, can be achieved with our help and yours!

Your Peloton can host a private party at Sher-Bliss and approximately half of the fee to attend will go to your group!  All budgets are accommodated and menus are customized for you. These are one of a kind wine tasting and chocolate-making classes and 5% of the evening sales go to Pelotonia.

If you are unable to participate in Pelotonia’s bike race, here is another chance to donate! Purchase a dipped gatorade for yourself, your rider, or as party favors and 66% of the proceeds will be donated to Pelotonia and funding cancer research. Chocolate-covered bottles will be $12 each, so don’t hesitate to get a refreshingly sweet drink to support the efforts against cancer!

ImageCall (614) 428- WINE(9463) to plan your party today!

Collaborating With a Fellow Chocolate Lover

This evening at Beth Jacob Synagogue, there will be a Columbus Jewish Historical Society annual awards event with special guest speaker Sheilah Kaufman. Sheilah is a cooking instructor, food editor, author of various cookbooks, and culinary lecturer. We had a meeting of the minds, or hearts rather, when it came to chocolate. This evening she will be speaking about the “History of the Jews and Chocolate” as well as conducting a delicious cooking demo/class and chocolate tasting with chocolates by Sher-Bliss. The event begins at 7 p.m.


Wines selected for reasons that make them a perfect pairing with foods where chocolate takes a lead role! Call 614-428-WINE (9463) to reserve your spot for Valentine’s Day, or Monday 2/13. Available from 6-9PM.

For many years Sher-Bliss has been adding chocolates to savory foods and pairing them with wines.  This Valentine’s weekend it gets even better.  Our Cupid’s arrow aims to hit your palate just right in the form of twenty six different pairings in a create your own flight.  Choose 4, prices range from $2.50 on the Rhiannon red combo to $7.50 for the Alto Moncayo and cookie dough duo. 


A perfect 10 for the REDS:

Alto Moncayo 2009 Old Vines Grenache paired with toasted pine nut chocolate chip cookie dough drizzled with milk chocolate


Carpe Diem 2008 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Dark Espresso Bark


Armador 2010 Maipo Valley Carmenere and toasted pine nut studded dark chocolate clusters


Troublemaker Paso Robles blend’s richness sets off mascarpone stuffed-figs and warm milk chocolate


Meiomi 2010 Monterey Pinot Noir dark chocolate fondue dipped strawberries, raspberries and grapes


Rhiannon Red 2009 luscious and spicy red blend fromCalifornia matches up to milk chocolate with cayenne pepper infusion


Buehler 2010 Napa Valley Zinfandel, extremely limited so enjoy it while you can with dark espresso crunch bark


Senda 66 Tempranillo dusty cocoa yumminess goes and an old favorite, white chocolate and oreos


Spann Vineyards 2008 The Classic Four’s velvety elegance that pops with white Cheddar cheese and dark chocolate shavings


Amaris 2009 Tempranillo a smooth and a bit sweet little wine perfect with chocolate black bean burgers and chocolate bbq’ed cauliflower


It’s Fab 4 for the WHITES:

Monchof 2010 Mosel Riesling, QBA-type sweetness lush with milk chocolates and dried pear fondue


Maui Blanc pineapple wine is oh-so tropical with dark chocolate, key lime crunch s’mores


Stump Jump 2008 Sticky Chardonnay sauternes-like, very rich and fun with cinnamon-spiced white chocolate


Conundrum  2010 California White blend, one of our most popular fruity whites and so easy to sip with dried pears and milk chocolates


Wink, Wink, bring on the PINK:

Innocent Bystander 2010 Moscato fromAustralia…so soft and sweet, sweet, and almost cuddly with white chocolate fondue and raspberries


Del Rio Vineyards Rose Jolee, Rogue Valley a fun, aromatic and explosively fruity wine  paired with chocolate-laced black bean burgers


Secco Italian Bubbles Pinot Noir and Prosecco with warm dark chocolate and strawberries


Gerard Bertrand 2009 Cremant Brut Rose milk chocolate fondue raspberries and strawberries


DESSERT WINES in a line-up that cannot be beat

Six Grapes Reserve Porto, classic port grapes in a wine style served with mascarpone-filled figs with dark chocolate drizzle


Elysium 2008 Black Muscat, the name means paradise and what better way to enjoy paradise than with a cream cheese fondant layer and milk chocolate


Noval Ruby Port delicate aromas and delicious with white chocolate, pecan and caramel turtles


Feist Vintage Character Port-full-bodied and intense with dark chocolate cheesecake strawberries; a remarkable and memorable treat


Jorge Ordonez 2006 Victoria, Malaga fresh fruit flavors from theMuscat grape and the elegance of this wine make it a perfect match to glaceed orange peel fromItaly in dark chocolate


McNab Ridge Allure, a special red wine with natural chocolate flavor.  It’s a tootsie roll in a glass served alongside tootsie roll s’mores


Cocoa DiVine espresso flavors and cream unite in this velvety smooth wine sinfully married to a plate of milk chocolate espresso bark


Tessora Limone Liqueur locally made to an old family recipe, lemony, lush and creamy served in a dark chocolate cupImage

Bliss in a Bottle

Bliss in a Bottle offers the wine bottle of your choice dipped in the finest Belgian Chocolate.

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