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Caramel Apple and Wine??

Millions of delicious caramel apples are consumed every year.  Whether it be a fair treat,
a fun activity for the kids, or you’re just craving the scrumptious pairing of apple and caramel, it’s bound to make for a better day.  But I wonder how many of this ever popular item are enjoyed with wine as the apple?

As we’ve said for years, Wine + Chocolate = Sher Bliss! Picture the caramel apple from above…… but this time it’s a juicy apple wine encased in pure Belgian chocolate, a luscious layer of creamy caramel, followed again by more pure Belgian chocolate!! Pull the tabs,
chocolate falls away from the bottle and voila! What a great fall treat.

Come see us at the Sher Bliss shop or check out @ to get this unique play on an historic American treat!   Learn more about this hot new Apple wine at


7th annual New Albany walking classic custom labeled Pinot Noir and Chardonnay Now available !

Chances are you’re going to get thirsty after the 7Th Annual New Albany Walking Classic on Sunday, so stock up on California Pinot Noir & Chardonnay custom labeled with this year’s Walking Classic theme depicting the lovely village of New Albany.  Just $14.99 per bottle, 10% case discounts.  Available starting Friday at 4PM at the expo at the McCoy Center !!!

Thirsty? Varietally great New Albany Walking Classic wines.

Secco Italian Bubbles, great with food or as an atypical bellini base

These Italian bubbles are so much fun and offer endless food-pairing possibilities.  The white is Prosecco and Pinot Blanc and the pretty red is Prosecco and Pinot Noir.  I recently served both at a brunch.  The white was fantastic with a grilled veggie, Gruyere and Swiss frittata and a salad of shredded, zucchini, herbs and chevre.  The red with  lush strawberry notes, was great with a cold peach and mango soup,  and a sourcream-topped, raspberry and fig gratin.

Just to make things more interesting, Tesoora Limone and lemon zest made a fun bellini with the white and raspberry liqueur and raspberries were delicious with the red.   As i said, not a typical bellini, but a fun treat!


Bliss in a Bottle

Bliss in a Bottle offers the wine bottle of your choice dipped in the finest Belgian Chocolate.

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