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Incredible South African wines with a name we can all pronounce that is fun to say-“Fat Barrel”!

I had the pleasure of tasting newly released South African wines today with the winemaker, Bob Lynde.  Bob is a Virginia boy, Ohio-educated, splitting his time between Oregon and Capetown.  His wines are made in a very French and food-worthy style.  Exactly what I look for in stocking Sher-Bliss’ shelves.  The wines are made in a very French-style and were so tastebud and thought-provoking we will kick-off their arrival with an informal tasting a week from today.  The Sauvignon Blanc was not in the grassy style that has become so common, but had an earthiness in the nose.  The wine is done in all stainless, but spends 2 mos. on the lees.  The Chenin Blanc was not like any other I have had, from 30 year-old vines, 75% bush vines and 25% from trellised fruit, it was floral, with a long finish and the weight of a red wine.  Usually, I rely on Viognier for that weight in a white, but this was less perfumey and would probably appeal to more palates.  The reds were a Pinotage and a Cab-Shiraz blend.  People either love, or hate Pinotage-I love it with the right food-this one was only a bit smoky and more like an Oregon Pinot.  The blend is 75% Cabernet and 25% Shriaz.  We’ll decant it prior to the tasting and the  Cab, should prove to be very Left Bank Bordeaux-like showing pencil shavings and peat moss.  Sound great?  The Shiraz is unoaked and putting my nose in the glass repeatedly, there was a chocolate and black licorice thing going on  that I really liked.  These wines will be in sometime on Thursday and will be line-priced at $14.99 per bottle.  The four can be sampled in a flight for $10 anytime between 5:30 and 9PM on Friday 7/30. Leave a comment here, or call 428-WINE (9463) with any questions.  The winemaker believes deeply in supporting philanthropic missions and donates $2 per bottle to charity.  He allows our Ohio distributor to choose a charity and they have selected Seven Days for SIDS.  Sher-Bliss will partner in this and will give another $3 to help eradicate SIDs every time one of these wines gets dipped in chocolate at  Hope you come in and sample these great wines!


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