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Sher-Bliss supports a fun event benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital at Martini Park at Easton with a bliss in a bottle display

Sher-Bliss was pleased to be an in-kind sponsor to the 5th Annual Denim & Diamonds Gala benefiting

Nationwide Children’s Hospital.   Committee members purchased wine from Sher-Bliss Wine & Chocolates

bottles paid a visit to http://blissinabottle to get bathed in milk, dark and white chocolate.  The display at

Martini Park  at Easton (of Columbus, OH) as patrons entered on Saturday evening was fantatsic!


Looking for a reason to eat chocolate and drink wine? Read this

Chocolate and wine have great value to you well-being.  This is an article I found and wanted to share.
Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner

Posted: April 26, 2010 03:27 PM

A few foods, like chocolate, red wine and champagne, contain chemical compounds that, in the appropriate quantities and circumstances, can incite passion. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, boosts serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, and contains phenylethylamine, a chemical in the brain that occurs in higher concentrations when you’re in love.

Albarino with a twist on the typical fish, and a happy family!

My family is tired of fish and shellfish (VERY QUICKLY) that I am pairing with warm-weather whites, so I have moved on.  Last night we had chicken poached in a tomato-based sauce with fennel and cumin seeds processed with garlic, ginger, lemon juice cumin,and  turmeric.  They loved it AND it went great with a wonderful Albarino with lots of minerality and fresh herbs.  I always think it is safe to pair the sauce, rather than the protein.

That’s my pairing, what is yours?

There is no movie that could make me stop liking Merlot, glad to see people choosing it again

Really, the grape that got the bad rap has never been anything short of delicious-in my opinion!  Maybe it was a bit over-planted and maybe it was harvested with grapes that ripened more quickly so we had some greener Merlots.  Maybe winemakers are paying closer attention to it, but I have been enjoying fruit in perfect balance, rich and cocoa-y wines from all over-Washington, Bordeaux, Chile and all parts of California.  You go Merlot!

A Night with Sonoma Winemaker Fred Scherrer Benefiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Circle of Friends

Fred Scherrer Event

Sonoma Wine Maker Fred Scherrer will be in town visiting Sher-Bliss for a charity wine tasting event.  Proceeds from the event will go to help Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Circle of Friends.

See the link above for further details.

The event is May 13th, 2010 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Your attendance is greatly appreciated as this event benefits a wonderful cause.

Let’s begin spring with healthy foods paired with warm-weather wines, we can digress from here!

We have enjoyed spectacular weather the past couple of weeks and have enjoyed tasting through an array of beautiful wines.  I really focused on what goes with grilled/ roasted fish, chicken and veggies on the grill, all light and healthy fare. Our wine reps brought us their best roses and muscadets from around the globe to sample. Then, because Gruner was involved thoughts began to skip ahead to fried clams and oysters. That’s a ways off to many of us in the midwest, so let’s keep thinking healthy thoughts. We will revisit fried seafood soon; I do wish I had known about Gruner when I ate Popeye’s chicken in college!

 My kids’ favorite/most simple/highly caloric preparation of fish is when I coat it with creme fraiche and sprinkle it with chopped herbs. And, because so little time is involved, one can fit in an extra workout on the day this is being served to allow for the 110 delicious calories per tablespoon. [Some fat must burn off in the cooking]. My favorite muscadet is so lemony itself that sole, or flounder can be lightly sprayed with olive oil cooking spray (I like Trader Joe’s) a little orange zest and parsley and roasted, drizzled with a bit of the wine until flaky.

Those are the food and wine thoughts for now-specific wines that left a great impression.  The wines are as follows:
Domaine du Manoir 2008 Muscadet Sevre et Maine

Nigl 2008 Gruner Veltliner

Bieler Pere et Fils Rose 2009-50% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 20% Cab
beautiful light pink color-no food required.

Charles and Charles Rose 2009, Columbia Valley, Washington-all Syrah-with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, sage and rose petals. This is going to show up in an exciting chocolate-pairing here at Sher-Bliss soon. Very soon!

This is my favorite bellini recipe what is yours?

I have been thinking about this all day!  Process cubes of honeydew melon, add lime juice and sugar to taste if wanted.  Strain through cheesecloth, put 2 T. syrup in Champagne glass and pour in chilled prosecco.  Delicious!!!

That is my pairing, what is yours?

Bliss in a Bottle

Bliss in a Bottle offers the wine bottle of your choice dipped in the finest Belgian Chocolate.

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