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Festive Shalach Manos Gifts from Sher-Bliss. Purim is Sunday, Va’ad certified Pareve chocolates & wine.

Festive  Shalach Manos Gifts from Sher-Bliss. Purim is Sunday, Va’ad certified Pareve chocolates + wine, 

(614)428-9463 or click


A favorite recently reviewed Sher-Bliss’ own

I recently met Emma Criswell who writes an exciting and informative wine blog.  While there are many sites one can visit for wine information, this one is truly worthwhile.  I guarantee, if you visit once, you will become a fan!

Lindsay Roberts from selects Sher-Bliss’ for Fox 2 program

It was very exciting to see Sher-Bliss’ own creation combining wine and chocolate in one great item  featured on this special  gift program. Many people received spectacular pairings of wine and chocolate for Valentine’s Day.  One of the favorites was One Last Kiss, dubbed the hot tub wine of the year!  Find this selection easily by visiting

Valentine’s Day is always Sher-Bliss at the Chocolate Lovers’ Dinner

Attendees at the 3rd annual chocolate-lovers dinner enjoyed a delicious 4 course meal where  chocolate starred as the main ingredient. Each course was paired with a wine that enhanced the foods’  flavors. 
Chilled Strawberryand Prosecco Soup with white chocolate shavings (pictured)
  *paired with Il Follo Rose Prosecco 
Spinach Salad with carmelized pears and Roquefort cheese tossed  with Chocolate Vinaigrette 
 *paired with the First Love White Blend
Chocolate-Rubbed Chicken Breast with Peanut Sate served atop lime rice and
with Indian-spiced roasted cauliflower in a chocolate BBQ sauce 
 *paired with Masserie Pisari 2007 Primitivo

Wine-Filled Truffles & Chocolate Covered Grapes and Strawberries
 *paired  with choice of  Choco-Vine Dutch Chocolate Cabernet or Port 

Look for another chocolate-lovers  brunch in celebration of Mother’s Day!

Chocolate Bark is all the rage these days. Columbus Alive Picks Sher-Bliss’ Bark in “Things We Love”, February 11th Issue.

Columbus Alive Writes:

“The cocoa-tastic barks at this Gahanna Wine and Gift shop are made in-house with a variety of chocolates, nuts and candies.  they’re guaranteed to melt her heart, not melt in her hand.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Our bark is made from the finest Belgian chocolate and is produced in a wide variety of flavors, textures, and tastes.  Because of the high cocoa butter content Sher-Bliss’ fine chocolate melts in your mouth.

Most popular varieties of bark follow: 

1. Milk & Dark  Almond

2. Buckeye (A layer of peanut butter between two layers of chocolate)

3. Homemade English Toffee

4. White Cranberry

5. Cookies and Cream

6. Milk & Dark Rasin

Recently we have even combined the idea of our popular Barks with Bliss in a Bottle.  Two examples include the white cranberry bark and cookies and cream bark additions to the dipped bottles.

Have any fabulous ideas for us?  Leave a comment and let us know.

P. S.  Guys like our barks too!

Rosa Regale Brachetto d’Acqui, not just for Valentine’s Day and delicious with savory foods and white, or dark chocolate.

Valentines Day is only 2 days away.  Have you decided what you are getting that special someone?  If not we have a great suggestion!

Rosa Regale Dipped in Sher-Bliss’s Fine Belgian Chocolate.  Offered on

Available in 3 sizes-The 187 is a great party favor.  The 375 is perfect for you and your dearest.  The 750 is the party!

This is a unique red sparkling wine.  Open it and envision yourself lying in a bed of roses eating raspberries.  The storyI know  is that the grape, Brachetto d’acqui, was almost extinct during the fall of the Roman Empire.  Again, as I understand it the family that owns Banfi brought the grape back so we can enjoy it today.  I like to serve this lovely sparkler year round-it is a treat that is perfect for every season by itself, or with a variety of foods.  To serve with savory foods, try a spinach salad,  with goat cheese, dried fruit and a raspberry vinaigrette, or try with any Asian dishes that have a little heat.  For dessert anything with berries will heighten the nose and flavor in the wine.  At we suggest  dark Belgian chocolate, or white chocolate flavored with a hint of oil of raspberry. 

That’s my suggested pairing, tell me yours.

Coupon Dad, A Well Known Site, Picks Up Bliss In A Bottle

Another well known blogger has picked up Bliss in a Bottle to promote the Chocolate Dipped Bottles for which Bliss in a Bottle is known for.

Coupon Dad is a site dedicated to not only giving it’s viewers great deals on excellent products, but also properly informing it’s consumers about the products they regularly purchase.

See the free gift you can get from Bliss in a Bottle and Coupon Dad @

Bliss in a Bottle

Bliss in a Bottle offers the wine bottle of your choice dipped in the finest Belgian Chocolate.

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