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A Luxury Wine Portfolio

Sher-Bliss recently hosted a sampling of the luxury portfolio of Agustin and Valeria Huneeus.  The portfolio may be  best-known for its most expensive member, Quintessa.  Our representative , Deborah Corry conducted the tasting. 

We began with the 2008 Illumination Sauvignon Blanc paired with roulades of prosciutto, arugula, chevre with  a bit of white chocolate shavings, dates snd  lemon zest.  The combination was perfect, the wine is very full-bodied with a creamy texture and  fig and herbal undertones.  Next, crabcakes were served atop a brandied tomato cream sauce with a hint of both jalapenos and milk chocolate.  The combination may sound odd, but the 2007 Flowers Chard is acidic and  crisp with bright fruits that tamed the smokiness and richness of the sauce.  A sampler plate of cornbread pudding with sundried tomatoes and a cocoa-rubbed tri-tip steak  with creme fraiche was served with the reds.  Dessert was Bunches of Bliss, (dark-chocolate-covered grapes), milk and dark strawberries and banana chunks dipped in milk chooclate and rolled in crushed grahams.  About these amazing reds, the Flowers 07 Sonoma coast Pinot is crisp with red and black fruits, strawberry and leather; very elegant .  The stars of the evening were the 2005 Faust Cab and it’s very refined big sister, or brother the 2006 Quintessa.  Both of these have come down in price about 15 percent and at $50 and $120 per bottle are not most people’s everyday wines, but for a special occasion, or gift are an incredible treat.  Specific notes are available for these last two, but the memory of us all taking a sip and saying “Ahhh” tells all.  These wines are perfectly balanced and everything we want our big California reds to be.

That’s my pairing;  I’d love for you to share yours…

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