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Limited Supply and worth every penny!

Robert Parker from the Wine Advocate says

“John Kongsgaard is in search of the Holy Grail and these are among the most interesting, naturally made wines one will find on Planet Earth”

We are proud to offer the stunning wines of the 2007 vintage from this acclaimed producer.  In very limited supply,

The Chard 94 pts. $100

‘The Judge’ Chard 96 pts. $300

Cabernet 95 pts.  $200.00

Syrah 96pts.  $200.00

Get them while you can, these sell-out every year.


New award-winning Ohio wines now available

Lucky us, we have a supply of the following wines at Sher-Bliss. 

Kinkead Ridge medals at AWS… Results are in from the 2009 American Wine Society, Commercial Competition. 86 wineries entered 476 wines. All results are posted at the link below. There were no Double Gold medals this year for anyone. I think this judging was pretty severe, which is as it should be.

2007 CABERNET SAUVIGNON: …2 Gold Medals, 9 Silver Medals, and 12 Bronze Medals. Kinkead Ridge 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon garnered a Silver. Our wines were judged very young, just one month after release. The two gold medals for Cabernet Sauvignon went to a 2004 and 2006 vintage, wines that had the benefit of bottle age. In 2007, our 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon won a silver at AWS, and several months later with some bottle age, it got a gold at the Finger Lakes competition. Due to short supplies, the 2007 wine will be sold out before Finger Lakes occurs this year.

2007 CABERNET FRANC: 1 Gold Medal, 6 Silver Medals, 8 Bronze Medals. 2007 Kinkead Ridge Cabernet Franc blended with Petit Verdot garnered a Silver.

Upcoming Organic Wine-Tasting event with Tony Coturri

Mark your calendars for this exciting evening.  Tony is one of the world’s foremost voices in organic wine production.  Fabulous wines and organic chocolates pair with a wealth of knowledge and fun.  December 11 from 7-9 PM $25.  To learn more about Coturri Winery visit the website

Thanks giving Wine Selections

Our wine selection for the holiday was the best ever.  Many distributors are direct importing resulting in new wines and lower prices.  The selection  was widely influenced by my 20 year library of Bon Appetits and some other favorite cookbooks and family recipes.  While I  was tweaking  my menu, we were fortunate to attend several trade tastings of wines, new to the market and small production from Oregon, Columbia Valley, France and Germany.   We made selections  to  pair with any menu from vegetarian meals, savory turkeys, sweet turkeys and spiral ham, you name it.

Some of our picks-

Schloss Vollrads 07 Rheingau Riesling – $17.99  
an Off-Dry and delicious Riesling

Domaine Bott Geyl 07 Gewurztraminer – $26.99
From an organic producer in Alsace, also have a great white blend with the weight of a red and some earthiness and a Cremant to toast everyone gathered!

Andrew Rich  07 Columbia Valley Rousanne – $24.99
Andrew Rich is a true lover of Rhone varietals.  He studied in France and brings his passion to Oregon. 

Verget 07 Bourgogne ‘Grand Elevage’ White Wine – $24.99
A declassified Chassagne-Montrachet, all the flavors and complexity at a fraction of the price!

Jean-Francois Merieau ‘Le Bois Jacou’ 08 Gamay – $17.99
Gamay is the light fruity varietal found in Beaujolais.  Serve it chilled like a white wine.

Andrew Rich 07 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir – $26.99
This is classic Willamette Valley Pinot with black cherry flavors and undertones of earthiness.

Domaine La Guintrandy 07 Cotes du Rhone – $15.99
This Rhone Blend hits the nose with cherries and spice and tastes of cooked red fruits (cherries and prunes), spices and barrique.


Pumpkin Turnovers

This is one of my families favorite holiday dishes!  It’s a great alternative to the beloved pumpkin pie, its bite sized and easy to make.  Whats not to love?

Mix 1 cup canned pumpkin, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 2 teaspoons pumpkin spice * and a dash of cayenne.  (*Pumpkin pie spice=1/2 tsp cinnamon, /14 tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp each cloves and nutmeg)

Cut thawed puff pastry into into 4″ wide strips.  Spread pumpkin down center of strips, fold over and cut every two inches into individual turnovers. 

Crimp edges with a fork and brush with melted butter.  Bake at 325 degrees for 15 to 17 minutes.


Thanksgiving Wine and Food Pairing Think Tank

Wine and Food 101 with Wade. This is one of my favorite ways to taste wine. We supply simple foods, participants alter them slightly using basic ingredients like salt, pepper, and lemon. Again we disspell the standard old myths of what to pair and show you how to make your Thanksgiving meal go with the wines you enjoy most. The wines we sampled were Lingenfelder ‘hare label’ Gewurtz $15, Vina Robles 4 White Blend $16, Le Trois Cotes du Rhone $11 and the very limited 2007 Paraiso Pinot $26 (1/2 case on hand and then the new vintage). The Gewurtztraminer and the the Cotes du Rhone are classic food wines, acidic and balanced for the big holiday meal. The Four and the Paraiso are great with food, or are great sippers. This proved to be such a great education for everyone that I think at our in-store tastes prior to the upcoming holiday we will offer some simple foods to adjust and taste the same way.

A Luxury Wine Portfolio

Sher-Bliss recently hosted a sampling of the luxury portfolio of Agustin and Valeria Huneeus.  The portfolio may be  best-known for its most expensive member, Quintessa.  Our representative , Deborah Corry conducted the tasting. 

We began with the 2008 Illumination Sauvignon Blanc paired with roulades of prosciutto, arugula, chevre with  a bit of white chocolate shavings, dates snd  lemon zest.  The combination was perfect, the wine is very full-bodied with a creamy texture and  fig and herbal undertones.  Next, crabcakes were served atop a brandied tomato cream sauce with a hint of both jalapenos and milk chocolate.  The combination may sound odd, but the 2007 Flowers Chard is acidic and  crisp with bright fruits that tamed the smokiness and richness of the sauce.  A sampler plate of cornbread pudding with sundried tomatoes and a cocoa-rubbed tri-tip steak  with creme fraiche was served with the reds.  Dessert was Bunches of Bliss, (dark-chocolate-covered grapes), milk and dark strawberries and banana chunks dipped in milk chooclate and rolled in crushed grahams.  About these amazing reds, the Flowers 07 Sonoma coast Pinot is crisp with red and black fruits, strawberry and leather; very elegant .  The stars of the evening were the 2005 Faust Cab and it’s very refined big sister, or brother the 2006 Quintessa.  Both of these have come down in price about 15 percent and at $50 and $120 per bottle are not most people’s everyday wines, but for a special occasion, or gift are an incredible treat.  Specific notes are available for these last two, but the memory of us all taking a sip and saying “Ahhh” tells all.  These wines are perfectly balanced and everything we want our big California reds to be.

That’s my pairing;  I’d love for you to share yours…

A new pairing for dessert wine

As it usually happens, I taste a wine and if I love it,  I cannot stop thinking about the food that could go with it.  Sometimes it causes an entire dinner party!  This was the case with a wonderful Moscato d’asti I sampled with the winery owner and winemaker, Giulio Morando  from Bricco del Sole, Piedmont.  This was one of the best Moscatos I have had, so light and invigorating, nothing syrupy, or cloying about it.   A great wine to simply sip, or enjoy with many foods.  I made a salad with spinach, chopped dried apricots, roquefort cheese in a raspberry vinaigrette with white chocolate shavings.  Delicious together!

That’s my pairing;  I’d love for you to share yours…

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